Data is intuitive, yet abstract.
It can help us narrate stories and improve customer experiences.

Digital Marketing Manager, Wipro

Los Angeles, CA

Bryan Hwang

Digital Marketer. Analytics. Front-End Developer.


Digital Marketing
Marketing Analytics

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Data is all around us. It can be intuitive, yet abstract. It can help us tell stories and discover experiences. My passion is to extract actionable data, test ideas, and leverage them with marketing.

Six years of combined work experience between start-ups and corporate. My skills revolve around digital marketing, content marketing, marketing analytics, B2B/B2C marketing, marketing strategy, marketing operations, campaign optimization, A/B testing, tech marketing, database marketing, and project management.


Days coding


Lines of code


Code Projects


Hybrid Marketing.

 Digital Marketing

Planning, budgeting, strategizing, and optimization of large digital campaigns (email, social, search, display) across multiple channels in different languages.

 Marketing Effectivness/Analytics

Hands on experience leveraging data visualization tools to extract insight out of raw data and presenting findings to leadership teams.

 Digital Strategy

Experience developing impactful marketing plans to create value at a global scale through content industrialization and multi-level digital channels.

 Web Development

Leveraging front-end web frameworks to develop applications and improve marketing operations and client/customer experience.

 A/B Testing

Application of A/B and multi-variate testing to understand marketing effectivess of email, paid search, social, and web page marketing collateral.

 Database Marketing

Use of CRM software for personas, lifecycles, product interest, segmentation (firmographic or demographic), and tailoring of marketing campaigns.

Education & Roles

Startup & Corporate.


International Relations (Global Business)

Global Strategy, Global Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Leadership & Interpersonal Communication, Management Consulting, Communication Strategy in Business.

University of Southern California (USC)

Business Law

International Business, Employment, Finance, Contracts.

USC Marshall School of Business


Digital Marketing Manager

To be updated.

2015 - Current
Senior Marketing Analyst

Global SEO Planning and Strategy (North/South America, Europe, Asia), Account Planning & Firmographics, Client Driven Digital Campaigns, Multi Channel Data Story Teller, Project Management & Trainer, Web Application Development, Lead Profiling and Generation, Database Marketing.

2013 - 2015
Marketing Analyst

Client & Opportunity Centric Marketing Programs, Account Planning & Lead Profiling, Marketing Collateral Development, SEO Strategy (North America), Client Driven Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Event Marketing, Project Management.

2012 - 2013

Developed an online education platform used by students at over 50 California universities.

2009 - 2011